Careers Counselling

The choice of a suitable academic and professional career is not an easy task. Academic choices depend on a person’s abilities, skills and personality profile. The counsellor’s main target is to provide guidance in matters relating to professional orientation and career search by assisting students in making independent decisions regarding any academic dilemmas they are facing. Much of a counsellor’s interaction with students involves listening attentively and patiently, promoting a relationship of trust and respect, and allowing students to talk freely and openly about issues that concern them.

• The counsellor’s main responsibilities at the school are to help students:

• Understand the abilities, aptitudes, skills and capacities that they need to have or develop for the particular careers they want to pursue.

• Choose the IGCSE and A’ level subjects necessary for a successful academic university degree.

• Prepare their applications for admission to Universities abroad.

• Comprehend the nature and demands of their chosen profession.

• Inform students of university deadlines, events
(University fairs i.e. British Council, Fulbright etc)

The careers counsellor is available for advice and assistance on a full time basis 08:00 – 14:00.

Careers Counsellor
Vanessa Karayianni
University of Surrey BA TESOL
London South Bank University PgDip in Careers Guidance

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