COVID-19 Guidance – update 16thMarch 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians / Students

During these rapidly changing circumstances, we want to reassure everyone that the school management is constantly monitoring the situation and will act to minimise its impact and ensure that students are still learning.

The school will continue to provide instruction and support remotely. In classes 5 to 7 staff will interact with students via email and/or an online teaching platform like “Google Classroom” or “Facebook Classroom”. In addition, the school has an Office 365 agreement with Microsoft that allows the use of Microsoft Teams. All students will be issued with a Microsoft email account and this will be passed on to their subject teacher so that the necessary arrangements can be made. Detailed information will be sent out to parents/guardians by email ASAP – please check your email regularly.

For the remaining classes we aim to provide ASAP independent learning packets in core and elective subjects. Please continue to check the school web page for announcements and guidance.

If you need to get in touch please email

We remind everyone of the importance of community social distancing measures while the school is closed.

Stay safe and be well!



What will happen to oral exams and external exams?

We are waiting for advice from the examination boards. An informal meeting is taking place today in England involving the Education Secretary and various leaders in this sector. Newspapers are reporting that exams could be pushed back as far as September. We advice our students to keep in touch with their teachers and continue to prepare for the exams.

What will happen with option forms?

Please send your choices to

Subject of the email: Options 2020

Include the student’s current class e.g. 3A and full name.

What will happen to school tests and final examinations?

This is an unusual and rapidly changing situation. In classes 5 to 7, for term 3, subject teachers will inform students how grades will be evaluated.

For the remaining classes, the school management will inform staff and students about the school’s plans to complete the term and how grades will be evaluated, when school resumes normal lessons. The same is true for final exams in all classes.

We want to reassure everyone that the school will do its utmost to ensure that no student will be disadvantage by the current situation.

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