The Grammar School Limassol is an English school in Cyprus based on a solid foundation of over 40 years of experience, dedication and hard work.

It first opened its doors in the heart of Limassol in 1975 and has been offering students quality education ever since.

Its founders set out to teach their students the enduring qualities of consideration, curiosity and confidence by encouraging them to think clearly, to make well-structured choices, and to be responsive to the world around them. A task the school successfully achieved and continues to do so.

Due to growing demand, The Grammar School Limassol moved to its own premises in the exclusive area of Panthea Hill in 1992, separating the high school from the junior school.

These premises overlook the city of Limassol and are easily accessible by public or private transport. They consist of attractive lecture rooms with proper lighting, central heating, and fans, all for the students’ comfort.

The school is constantly updating and expanding, with the latest phase due to finish in January 2018.

Education in Cyprus

The School’s curriculum is designed to meet the students’ academic and personal needs.

The academic programmes are rich and varied, giving students strong backgrounds in the natural, social and humanitarian sciences.

The school offers the full range of the British National Curriculum subjects and meets the objectives of the Republic of Cyprus programme, awarding the students with the School Leaving Certificate (Apolytirion) upon completion of the 7 years.

The School Leaving Certificate (Apolytirion) is primarily based on Advanced Level subjects and is widely recognized both in Cyprus and abroad.

Universities from around the world have been making offers to our students based on their subject grade averages, their general average on the School Leaving Certificate or a combination of both.

Education (studying) at (in) the English Secondary School in Cyprus

Classes 1 to 3

Students are given the opportunity to identify interests and strengths in a variety of subjects, preparing them for their future endeavours. Subjects include:

  • English,
  • Greek,
  • French or German,
  • Maths,
  • Science,
  • Physics,
  • Chemistry,
  • Biology,
  • Geography,
  • History,
  • ICT,
  • Physical education,
  • Music,
  • Art

Classes 4 and 5

Students are given the chance to choose 5 elective IGCSE/GCSE subjects alongside their core subjects of English, Greek, maths, and physical education. Elective subjects include:

  • Accounting,
  • English literature,
  • French,
  • Art,
  • Biology,
  • German,
  • History,
  • Economics,
  • Chemistry,
  • Statistics,
  • ICT,
  • Geography

Class 6 and 7

Students can choose 4 Advanced Level elective subjects alongside their core subjects which are English, Greek and Physical Education. Elective subjects include:

  • English literature,
  • French,
  • German,
  • Accounting,
  • Maths,
  • Pure maths,
  • Further maths,
  • Statistics,
  • Economics,
  • Biology,
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics,
  • Geography,
  • Graphic design,
  • Politics,
  • Art,
  • ICT etc.

The Grammar School academic school year

  • Term 1 beginning in September,
  • Term 2 beginning in December,
  • Term 3 beginning in March and the Final exams which take place in June.

Working hours

  • The School’s hours are Monday to Friday from 8am-2pm,
  • the Office remaining open until 4pm every weekday.

To further assist the academic achievement of all our students we provide an academic support hour Monday through Friday between 2 – 3 p.m. at school. Serving as an extension of the school day, it provides an environment that is conducive to learning through extended academic learning opportunities and homework assistance.

Entrance requirements

  • An entrance/placement exam based on Mathematics and English. Each paper is 1 1/2 hours long,
  • Birth certificate,
  • A completed enrolment form,
  • €50 examination fee,
  • School Report (No results will be issued until the school report is provided).

Features and benefits

Careers Counsellor

The school also provides the students with a Careers Counsellor who provides guidance in matters relating to professional orientation and career search by assisting students in making independent decisions regarding any academic dilemmas they are facing.


Since the year 2000, the school has also been actively participating in most Pancyprian sporting events organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture including:

  • Volleyball,
  • Basketball,
  • Swimming,
  • Rhythmic gymnastics,
  • Track,
  • Table tennis,
  • Triathlon

And, with each year its students have received both national and international recognition.

Activities, charities and social events

The Grammar School believes in providing its students with more than just a strong academic background, it also focuses on creating well-rounded individuals.

This is achieved through the numerous activities, charities and events offered and organized by the school. These include:

  • Music & Drama Club,
  • Greek Club,
  • Green Club,
  • Newsletter Club,
  • Social Work Club,
  • Fashion Show,
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award,
  • Blood Donations,
  • M.U.N,
  • Youth & Volunteerism Club,
  • Treasure Hunt etc.

The school also aims at expanding its students’ horizons by organizing educational trips both in Cyprus and abroad. The trips are an opportunity for the students to gain independence and maturity while learning about the world we live in.

Education (studying) at (in) the English Junior School in Cyprus

Since it was founded in Limassol 1975, The Grammar School Junior provides its students with an all-round education and lays the foundations to help children develop mentally, emotionally as well as physically.

The overall aim of the school is to offer a general education so that our students are qualified to enter any secondary school, not only in Cyprus, but also abroad.

The School’s spirit is based on a warm, friendly and respectful environment, where experienced teachers, small classes and well equipped classrooms provide the appropriate learning conditions.

Reception, Classes 1 and 2

Emphasis is placed on basic numeracy and literacy to ensure that the children have a solid foundation before the expanding curriculum.

Children are also exposed to art, music and physical education to help them grow emotionally, socially as well as physically.

Classes 3 to 6

The curriculum is expanded to include science, geography, history, and computers. Tests are also introduced from class 3 and the results are part of their school report grades.


Although Greek is taught in the school as a second language, the school follows the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education using the same books used by the public Greek schools.

Greek is introduced from Reception Class and is compulsory for all students whose parents are of Greek origin. For students whose parents are not Greek, or for students not raised in Cyprus, Greek is also offered at a lower level.


The school strives in offering a well-rounded education, believes that theatrical performances are very beneficial, and gives every student the opportunity to excel at something other than academics.

Theatrical performances take place at Christmas, in the Spring and other specified times of the year.

Greek plays are also performed and usually the school choir participates in all theatrical performances.

The school also recognizes that sports is an intricate part of education and students are given the opportunity to show off their skills in mini-football and bowling tournaments as well as an annual Sports Day.

School trips and extracurricular activities

The school offers 2 class trips (in fall and in spring) to all students of the school which combine educational and fun activities.

However, teachers are strongly encouraged to take their students on educational excursions in or around Limassol more regularly.

Extracurricular activities are an important part of the day and the school usually offers on the premises of the school:

  • Various types of dance lessons,
  • Karate,
  • Basketball

Other clubs such as the Green Club and the Choir are also an option.