Tuition Fees


1. Upon registration Parents/Guardians will be requested to present the pupil’s birth certificate or passport as well as previous school documents.

2. If more than one family member attends The Grammar School, the second child will receive an 8% discount on their original tuition fees and the third child will receive a 10% discount on the original fees. No further discount will be given.

3. The balance due is payable by regular monthly installments without failure. The Grammar School reserves the right to suspend any student, for failure to meet their financial obligations.

4. In all cases fees must be settled before the final examinations.

5. Tuition fees should be considered on the basis of Euro.

6. Cypriots are pupils who have at least one Cypriot parent.

7. Non-permanent residents are considered those born outside the Republic of Cyprus and whose parents are not permanent citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.

8. In case of dismissal or if any pupil leaves the School for any reason including serious illness, no refund is made.

9. Additional fees

  • Physics practicals are €170 per academic year (6th & 7th Grades)
  • Chemistry practicals are €170 per academic year (6th & 7th Grades)
  • Biology practicals are €170 per academic year (6th and 7th Grades)
  • Any two practicals are €260 per academic year (6th and 7th Grades)
  • All three practicals are €340 per academic year (6th and 7th Grades)

10. Students will be charged for any damage caused by them in the Physics, Biology and Chemistry Laboratories, or any other school property.

11. Advanced notice must be given to the school of any intention to remove the child from the school for any reason.

12. Monthly Installments are payable on the following dates:

Down Payment Upon Registration 5th Installment February 3rd, 2020
1st Installment October 2nd, 2019 6th Installment March 3rd, 2020
2nd Installment November 1st, 2019 7th Installment April 2nd, 2020
3rd Installment December 2nd, 2019 8th Installment May 4th, 2020
4th Installment January 7th, 2020 9th Installment June 1st, 2020

13. Method of payment

Bank Transfer:


ACCOUNT NO.: 214-01-115337-01

IBAN: CY74005002140002140111533701


Cheque: Payable to THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL

Cash: Payable to the Finance Office at the School

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