Computer Science 


Periods  Key Learning Objectives  Textbook 
2  Introduction to Year 2  Teacher Notes 
4  What an operating system (OS) is & The OS functions 

ObjectiveLearn the important functions of an OS 

Unit 1 
2  Booting the computer & Managing Input and Output Peripherals 

ObjectiveWhat is BIOS and Drivers. 

2  Managing the computers resources 

Objective: How the OS takes care of CPU, Memory and Devices. 

2  Translator Types 

Objective: Know the difference between Compilers and Interpreters. 

2  Types and Comparisons between Operating Systems 

Objective: OS for Desktops, TabletsHandheld Devices & Mobile Phones 

4  Graphical and Text Based User Interfaces 

ObjectiveManipulating files and folders using Command Line and GUI 

Unit 2 
2  File Extensions 

ObjectiveLearn common file extensions and their respective applications 

6  Review – Term Test – Feedback    
  Binary  COMPUTE-IT 2
Unit 3 
2  Objective 1: Base10 and Base2 Number Systems 
2  Objective 2: Converting Binary to Decimal 
4  Objective 3: Converting Decimal to Binary 
2  Objective 4: Bits, Nibbles and Bytes 
2  Objective 5: Binary addition  
2  Objective 6: Fixed-length bit string and Overflow 
4  Review – Term Test – Feedback    
  Programming using selection statements with Boolean Expressions  Parts of COMPUTE-IT 2
Unit 5  
6  Objective 1: Making Decisions, Abstracting and Refining Code using AND and OR Boolean Operators. Use of Scratch or Python.   

Objective 2: Nesting Selection Statements and the NOT Boolean Operator. Use of Scratch or Python.   

2  Venn Diagrams & Boolean Logic 

ObjectiveUsing Venn Diagrams to understand Boolean Logic and derive Selection Statements 

4  Review – Term Test – Feedback    


Above refers to full teaching weeks – no holidays or other activities. 

Typical full academic year for classes 1 – 3 includes 30 teaching and learning weeks.  


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Here is always singing new songs and expressing new ideas he learned at school.
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Here is always singing new songs and expressing new ideas he learned at school.
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