The Grammar School moved to its own premises in the exclusive area of Panthea Hill in 1992. These premises overlook the city of Limassol and are easily accessible by public or private transport. They consist of attractive lecture rooms with interactive white boards, with access to the Internet via the school network, proper lighting, central heating, air-conditioning and fans, all for the students comfort. In 2018, the annex to the school was completed. This added lecture rooms, indoor sporting facilities, art and graphics specialist teaching rooms, catering facilities and relaxing and safe social spaces.


Art and Graphic Design Rooms

The Grammar School recognises the need to provide an education in Art and Graphic Design preparing students for Fine Art degree courses as well as other relevant courses such as Architecture, and Graphic Communication. The school has two well-resourced Art rooms with large studio spaces, a life studio, and studio easels. Both Art rooms are well-equipped for a variety of work including painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and mosaic, modelling illustration, advertising, and 3-dimensional design. In addition, the school has a Graphic Design specialist teaching room which is fully equipped in order to assist students in producing all forms of graphic communication such as posters, leaflets, photography, video, product design, packaging and promotional materials.


Biology Lab

The Biology laboratory, equipped with the appropriate apparatus and materials (microscopes, biochemicals etc.), provides the experimental skills necessary to carry out investigations, illustrative practical work and other aspects of experimental biology and fieldwork supporting the teaching and learning of GCSE and A-Level Biology.


Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry laboratory comprises all the facilities that are needed for acquiring basic practical skills such as the manipulation of apparatus, observation skills, and the planning of simple qualitative and quantitative experiments. Student health and safety are of primary importance and all the necessary precautions are taken to ensure that students work in a safe environment with adequate ventilation. The laboratory includes a fume cupboard and a separate preparation room.


Physics Lab

Physics is one of the facilitating subjects that allows access to many courses at leading universities. Like all sciences, physics is a practical subject. Throughout the course students will carry out a number of required practical activities. These will give students the skills and confidence needed to investigate the way things behave and work. It will also ensure that those students choosing to study a Physics-based subject at university will have the practical skills needed to carry out successful experiments in their degree. At the Grammar School a fully equipped laboratory supports the teaching and learning of GCSE and A-Level Physics. In 2015 the laboratory was re-equipped to fully satisfy the requirements and expectations of the new GCSE and A-Level qualifications.


Computer Labs

Computer Science is taught in the lower school so that students choosing the subject at IGCSE and Advanced Level are fully prepared to attend the courses and succeed in the relevant examinations. Other departments also have access to the computer labs in order to use specific software related to their subjects.

During their Computer Science lessons, students learn about the fundamentals of algorithms and programming and are taught about the software and hardware parts of computer systems, networking and the fundamentals of web design, practical work is also carried out. Today the school has two fully equipped Computer Labs. All computers are connected to the school network and have access to the Internet. Each room is also equipped with printers and scanners connected wirelessly to the computers offering the students easier access.



The Grammar School has a library with a large volume of books and periodicals to which the students have access to for reading and research purposes. The students are also able to use computers for access to the Internet, which can enhance and quicken their research. The library is available to the students during and after school hours, both as a lending library or a study room facility, with a qualified Librarian to provide assistance and supervision. The library has facilities for visual presentations and lectures by guest speakers.


Sports Facilities

The Grammar School believes that Physical Education is an intricate part of everyone’s education and that young people need to exercise their bodies as well as their minds. The current premises include outdoor courts for basketball and volleyball. With the completion of the annex in 2018, the school now has an indoor basketball court that can be easily converted to a volleyball, handball or tennis court. Surrounding this indoor court, the school has individual exercise machines, such as stationary bicycles and treadmills. There are also modern changing rooms and showers for students use after their workouts. All sporting contests can be viewed by the student body as the new building has retractable stands that seat up to 700 persons. True to its pursuit of excellence and the continuing improvement of its existing facilities, the school will soon provide a mini-football pitch on the roof of the new building.


Other Facilities

The school offers two canteens where students can purchase snacks and refreshments. Both canteens offer covered seating areas where students can sit and relax in between lessons and during free periods.

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