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Ioannis Gregoriou

Ioannis Gregoriou was born in the village of Phlasou in 1930. After completing his secondary education in Cyprus he went to the United States where he studied Business Administration. After his return to Cyprus in 1952 he worked as a teacher in various secondary schools in Nicosia.

When Cyprus became independent he founded Cyprus College and in 1963 The Grammar School. In 1970 he founded the Private English Junior School.

For 32 years Ioannis Gregoriou devoted his life to raising the standards of education in Cyprus. When he established Cyprus College he introduced and promoted the study of Business Administration on a scientific basis. In addition, he was the author of textbooks on shorthand and typing.

After the 1974 Turkish invasion of the island, the original buildings and premises of The Grammar School and Cyprus College, which were located near the Nicosia International Airport were captured by Turkish troops. Despite the personal setback suffered with the loss of the school, Ioannis Gregoriou remained undaunted and committed to private education. Shortly afterwards, he managed to purchase extensive land in the Nicosia-Anthoupolis area and began to build his school from scratch. Today The Grammar School and Private English Junior School are home to over 1200 students and provide modern facilities to all its students.

In recognition of the great contribution Ioannis Gregoriou was making to Cyprus education, the President of the Republic of Cyprus at the time, Mr Kyprianou, entrusted him with the position of advisor on private educational matters. In addition, the Ministry of Education and the Association of Private Secondary School chose him as its President.

The educational establishments he founded continue to work, guided by and based on his sound principles of democracy, discipline and high educational standards.

Mr Ioannis Gregoriou passed away in 1987, and is succeeded by his two children, Mr Akis Gregoriou and Mrs Sylvana Eleftheriades.

Gabriel Gregoriou

Gabriel Gregoriou was born in Phlasou in 1933. In 1950 his family emigrated to the United States, where he was given the opportunity to further his education. After completing his secondary education, he managed to attend university where he majored in Business Administration and Economics, obtaining a Batchelor of Arts degree. Shortly thereafter he extended his education by obtaining a Masters degree in Political Science. While attending night courses, Mr Gabriel Gregoriou was employed by several banks in New York, and subsequently by The United States Steel Corporation in the Treasury Department.

After residing in the US for almost 30 years, Gabriel Gregoriou returned to his native land with his family. In 1975 he founded The Grammar and Private English Junior Schools in Limassol, which were branches of the Nicosia organisation.

For 17 years both The Grammar and Private English Junior Schools were located on the same premises. However, as the schools grew and the names became synonymous with high educational standards, Gabriel Gregoriou was able to purchase land in the Panthea region of Limassol. New premises were built and The Grammar School was for the first time split from its young sibling The Private English Junior School.

The inevitable separation of the two schools enabled both to expand in numbers and to provide ample space and comfort to all its members. But the story of Gabriel Gregoriou ended tragically. After only a year of completing the First Phase on the new premises and transfering The Grammar School to its new site, Gabriel Gregoriou passed away unexpectedly in November 1993.

Like his elder brother Ioannis, Gabriel Gregoriou set the pace for high educational standards in Limassol and settled for nothing less. His basic ideals and principles of honesty, caring and love for his country and community continue to thrive despite his departure.

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