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A Message from the Director – Generals

G r o w t h   a n d    C h a l l e n g e

Choosing a secondary school that is right for you can be a source of perplexity.  These years are a period of tremendous growth and challenge.  It is a time when students begin to focus their interests, to make choices, and to contribute actively to the life of their community.  It is also a period of  conscious self-examination:  Who am I?  What are my strengths?  What are my weaknesses?  What are my responsibilities to others?  What kind of person do I want to become?

The purpose of The Grammar School is to promote the enduring qualities of consideration, curiosity and confidence in its students by encouraging them to think clearly, to make reasoned  choices, and to be responsive to the world around them.  At The Grammar School, the curriculum is designed to meet the students’ academic and personal needs.  The academic programmes are rich and varied, giving students strong backgrounds in the natural and social sciences.

The heart of any school is its faculty.  Our teachers show a passionate dedication to their profession and to the care of students.  They are committed to the pursuit of excellence.

These are exciting years in students’ lives, years in which students are preparing for a lifetime of learning.  To be  all that one can be – that is the goal of every Grammar School student.

Demetris Gregoriou
Nicholas Gregoriou

Director – Generals

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