Youth and Volunteer Club


“Give a little, change a lot.”

The Youth and Volunteer Club’s purpose is to make our school’s students aware of the needs of people both in our community and island struggling either physically with health issues or with financial problems. We organize various fundraiser events to donate proceeds to charities, participate in charity walks, volunteer at events, and focus on meeting the needs of others.

We try to organize as many events as we can. Most will be charity or volunteering events. In the past we have also organized talks about social issues that students can share their views on.

This club is designed to not only enable students to learn about, and get involved in, local causes by paying attention to issues locally that are of personal concern/interest but also to enable students to be more compassionate and empathetic to their fellow human beings. After all, compassion for our fellow human beings is the key to happiness

Volunteering time, energy and empathy for the betterment of those less well-off is nothing new – humankind has been supporting and loving and encouraging each other since the beginning of time – it makes us unique as a species.

I’m so proud of our club’s students who through their good intentions have created great actions and lasting memories.

Youth and Volunteer Club students, each and every one of you have my heartfelt congratulations for your hard work, dedication and tirelessness. HAPPINESS is..working with great people like you. J J


Alexandra Michaelidou

President of the Youth and Volunteer Club


Youth and Volunteer Club Teachers:

Alexandra Michaelidou, Maria Aza, Ioanna Mavrou, Sophia Orphanou, Rania Mavromati, Maria Evangelou, Yiota Tsangari

Colours for Charity

Children With Cancer Awareness Month – Elpida Foundation – JEANS

Heart-Disease Awareness Month – RED

Sales and Other

Book Sale for the Sophia Foundation for Children

Donation to the Sophia Foundation for Children

Christmas Bake Sale for St Barnabas Orthodox Orphanage and School in Kenya

Food Drive for the homeless and families in need

Halloween Bake Sale for St Barnabas Orthodox Orphanage and School in Kenya

‘I’d rather Walk than Drink and Drive’ Charity Walk 11-11-18

Ένα Όνειρο μια Ευχή-One Dream One Wish Foundation Charity Ride

Valentine’s day Bake Sale and Raffle Ticket Sale Winners