Medimun - Debate Club

To develop our students’ skills in debate and public speaking and to enhance their teamwork, our school attends the Mediterranean Model United Nations (MEDIMUN) in Nicosia yearly. This conference is a simulation of the United Nations for students. During the conference, students become delegates, representatives of a UN Member State. After research into their allocated country, delegates discuss, write and debate resolutions (documents detailing their suggestions and solutions to world issues).

Teachers involved in the Medimun – Debate Club: Carol Zenonos, Giorgos Kokkinos, Elizabeth Ellina, Savvas Tsikkouris, Christos Prokopiou, Marianna Constantinidou.

In February, our school participated in the 14th Annual Session of the Mediterranean Model United Nations organised by the English School in Nicosia. Medimun is a simulation of the United Nations. Students assume the role of delegates, representing a UN Member State, and they discuss, write and debate resolutions after extensive research into their allocated country’s policies. Such conferences benefit young people by giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge not only of individual countries but also of the working and running of the UN.  

Our school’s delegates for this year’s conference were: Ayla Ansheles, Ellada Hadjitheodosiou, Georgia Konomi, Maria Vyronos, Nicole Zannetides and Gleb Osipov 

This year, our school’s delegate, Ayla Ansheles, was selected by the Chairs and the delegates of General Assembly 1 to be the main submitter at the Plenary Session of the conference.  

This year’s topics included:  

General Assembly 1-Disarmament and International Security:  

  • The question of combating the militarization and development of an arms race in outer space.   
  • The question of reducing the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destrucon (WMD).  
  • The question of the recruitment of child soldiers in South Sudan.  

General Assembly 2-Environmental, Financial and Economic Development: 

  • The question of the economic impact of climate induced migration.  
  • The question of reducing economic dependence on child labour in Sub‐Saharan Africa.  
  • The question of ‘ocean dead zones’ arising from human activity. 

General Assembly 3-Social, Humanitarian and Cultural: 

  • The question of combating the global rise of anmicrobial resistance.  
  • The question of preventing the grooming of children for suicide missions.  
  • The question of the intergenerational continuity of organized crime. 

General Assembly 4-Legal issues: 

  • The question of ensuring the rights of children in cross‐border adoption.  
  • The question of criminal accountability and immunity of UN Peacekeepers.  
  • The question of the accountability of cross‐border river pollution. 

Security Council: 

Historical Security Council. 



Being a delegate – THE MEDIMUN EXPERIENCE: 


My MEDIMUN experience was nothing like I had expected it to be. Even though I had never participated in any program such as MEDIMUN before, and though it took some time to get entirely familiar with the procedures, I was pleasantly surprised by how many things I learned throughout my MEDIMUN journey. I was tested in regards to my co-operation skills, since I had to work with a group of students I didn’t previously know; and I had to be confident in order to approach and talk to new people, as well as to represent the country I was delegated. I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people with different personalities and backgrounds, and to even meet and grow closer to students from our school. It might have been a busy journey which required hard work, but if I could go back in time, I’d do it all over again. 



Representing the delegation of Austria at MEDIMUN was the liveliest and the most fruitful debate experience so far. It allowed me to unveil my personal strengths, debate potential, and most importantly, utilize my academic knowledge in the form of producing a meaningful and well-sustained debate. Additionally, joining MEDIMUN granted me an invaluable opportunity of meeting students from all over the world, resulting to an extension of my friend list on Facebook.   



As I was preparing for Medimun and the official debates were approaching, I felt anxious. I had participated in different competitions, but they were nothing like this one. As soon as I arrived, however, I was relieved. The friendly atmosphere concentrated in one place made me feel at ease. Although I have to be honest, a sense of competition was still present, especially during the actual debates. Nonetheless, I went with the goal to learn and to gain experience, and yet I managed to come through not only as the main submitter, but also as one of the few who were asked to present their resolution at the final debate. Being one of the few delegates of our school to manage to get that far, I hope that I won’t be the last and that more students will aim to participate in such conferences. I highly recommend everyone to participate in next year’s Medimun. I guarantee that you will have a lot of fun with the Chairs and your fellow delegates, as there is a lot of humour involved in the duration of the work. Not only is it a great experience but it also adds  more weight to your personal statement for universities, so don’t be afraid and make the most of it. 



Medimun was an overwhelmingly great experience where, not only did we have to cooperate within a few hours to create an overall outcome, but we also had the opportunity to exchange ideas and debate on crucial and susceptible subjects. This year’s subject was mainly about the “rights of the child”, thus the  students representing various nations all worked together while enjoying themselves and  attempting to create the best possible resolution and marvellous memories along with it. All participants were excited from this experience; we were given this chance to contribute to issues that we will encounter again in the future. Medimun has proven to me that absolutely everyone can make a change in this world when it comes to helping others; hence making someone else’s life better. All delegates had a voice, and each voice attempted to solve a global issue. Hopefully in the future these voices will not only make a difference to one person, but to many, because committed souls can make a change in the world. 



Participating in the 14th Annual Session of MEDIMUN was an amazing experience. I found myself in a general assembly where everyone around me shared the same interests in politics and had so much passion in making the world a safer and peaceful place… I felt as if I were truly the delegate of Belgium with the responsibilities to represent my country, to protect my country´s rights but also the world in general. With every resolution passed, I felt as if we were already changing the world! Personally, it made me even more enthusiastic about politics! 



Medimun was an exhilarating educational and social experience which provided me with an insight of the workings of the UN and the impact of politics upon all aspects of our society. After my MUN experience I am eager to engage further in the field of politics as a human rights lawyer and perhaps the UN in an attempt to ensure justice within the the UN nations.