School Closes

March 12th, 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Education have decided to close all schools island wide as of tomorrow Friday March 13th, until Monday March 23rd.  However, if the cases of Covid 19 continues to rise over the next 10 days or so, The Grammar School may extend the number of days it will remain closed for the protection of everyone.  The school will inform all parents as to whether we will remain closed after March 23rdor whether classes will resume, as soon as we have further information, or instructions from the Ministry.

Furthermore, we await decisions from the examining boards we work with as to whether the GCSE, IGCSE and Advanced Level exams will take place as scheduled or whether they will be postponed for a later date.  Again, once we have information we will notify all parents and students immediately.

In the mean time, all the students scheduled to take exams in May/June (5th, 6thand 7thyears) are advised to continue studying and preparing for their exams.  The teachers will obtain students’ emails and telephone numbers so that assignments and student’s queries can be sent electronically.  Students are advised to put the time they will be at home to good use.

For all other students, The Grammar school will decide how and when we will complete the final weeks of school and the material/syllabus that needs to be covered. The Grammar School reserves the right if it deems necessary, to extend the school year until the end of June and beyond.

Furthermore, grades for all the students were scheduled for this Monday March 16th.  However, because schools will be closed, Second Term grades will be issued once school resumes.

Finally, during the days when the school will be closed, information will be posted on our website  or parents may contact the school at any information or questions they may have.

We wish the parents, student and teachers a healthy return in the near future.




Demetris Gregoriou

Director – General.

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